The importance of fire – it maintains the air that we breathe

Why care about fires? Fires help regulate the abundance of oxygen in our atmosphere – maintaining the air that we breathe.
In March 2014 Claire M. Belcher gave a talk a TEDx Exeter an independently organised TED event. Here she explains the relationship between fire and atmospheric oxygen.

Evolutionary History of Plants – Herbarium Kew Gardens

What else do we need to know to understand fire? In order to study ancient wildfires we need to know about the fuel that they might burn.

Therefore our group also focuses on studying the evolutionary history of plants.

This excellent introduction by the Herberium at Kew Gardens, London not only shows the exceptional herbarium at Kew but also includes a brief introduction about the evolutionary history of plants (this begins about 4 mins into the video).

The evolutionary history of plants and fire in 1 minute (no sound)

Why care about fires? This is a fun animation that I made explaining the evolutionary history of plants and wildfires (if you re-post please credit Dr. Claire M. Belcher U. Exeter)