Our Woodbury Common research in the press

The recent post-fire assessment work we have been doing at Woodbury Common (near Exeter) has been highlighted in a press release from Clinton Devon Estates who own the land.  You can read about our work on the Devon Live website.

wildFIRE Lab with Kim Strawbridge (Pebblebed Heaths) Photo: Guy Newman/Clinton Devon Estates.

Join Libby in her awesome Science Lab

If you are looking for some fun science to do with your children in the summer holiday look no further than Libby’s Lab our iPad App full of fun to do at home experiments – available in the App Store for free!


Sarah, Mark, Vicky and Stacey think Britain Needs Scientists!

They joined other labs at the Britain Needs Scientists event on 1st July 2015 engaging school students about ocean anoxia and thermal imagery.

See the wildFIRE Lab and Claire talk about the extinction that killed the dinosaurs on BBC Television broadcast on BBC Spotlight and Produced by John Danks


It turns out the end Cretaceous impact that wiped out the Dinosaurs didn’t cause a global firestorm. Read more here.
Watch the video here


The Group are taking part in Sidmouth Science Festival in October 2014.


Listen to Claire at the Norman Lockyer Observatory Lecture in celebration of Ada Lovelace Day on Tuesday 14th October. More information here.
Sidmouth logo
Visit Sarah and Mark and take a “thermal selfie” at Super Science Saturday. Read the blog here.

Claire spoke at TEDxExeter Ideas without Frontiers in March 2014

Read her blog about the experience here

Read a summary of her talk here

Watch a video of her TEDx talk here


Claire named as one of U. Exeter’s Inspirational Women for International Women’s Day 2014


Read about Claire and Exeter’s other Inspiring Women here

Claire will be speaking at TEDx Exeter 2014 Ideas without Frontiers

The days talks on 29th March will expose corruption in big business, share effective approaches to tackling social inequality and give voice to those whose human rights are under threat. It will explore the impact of fast changing technologies on all our lives and will journey through fir and forest to frozen landscapes. All will be challenged to consider worlds of extremes, cutting edge controversies and risky opportunities. For more see http://tedxexeter.com/


Distinguished Paper in Fire Research 2013

Claire and colleagues Dr Rory Hadden (Edinburgh) and Dr Guillermo Rein (Imperial) were recently awarded the “Distinguished Paper in Fire Research 2013” at the 34th International Symposium on Combustion at the Combustion Institute for their study of the competing chemical reactions in the initiation and spread of smouldering combustion in peat. (Reference: Hadden, R.M., Rein, G., Belcher, C.M. (2013). PROCI, 34 (2), 2547-2553)


European Award for Communicating Science

Claire has recently been hailed as one of Europe’s best young researchers when she received an award in recognition of her work in making complex science easily accessible. In November 2012 she received the European Commission’s new Marie Curie Prize for outstanding achievement in research, for her work in science communication as a Marie Curie Research Fellow.


Atmospheric Science Librarians International Choice Award

Several members of the Exeter Earth System Science group including Tim Lenton, Claire Belcher and Luke Mander contributed chapters to the book “The Future of the World’s Climate” Edited by Ann Henderson-Sellers and Kendall McGuffie. The book was recently awarded the Atmospheric Science Librarians International Choice Award



PALAIOS Best Paper for 2011

Claire and collaborators receive the “Best paper for 2011” award from the journal PALAIOS. The research led by Dr Karen Bacon (then UCD, now Leeds) studied The Triassic-Jurassic Boundary carbon-isotope excursions expressed in taxonomically identified leaf cuticles.

Reference: Bacon, K.L., Belcher, C.M., Hesselbo, S.P. and McElwain, J.C. (2011) PALAIOS, 24 461–469

Lloyds Science of Risk Shortlisted Scientist 2010

Claire’s essay “Earth’s Fiery Future” based on her Nature Geoscience paper was shortlisted for the Lloyds Science of Risk prize. She was invited to present a poster about her work at the iconic Lloyds Building in Lime Street, London.