Burnt Area is an exciting collaboration between Charlotte McDonald (fine artist) with Dr Claire M. Belcher that has been funded by the European Research Council as part of Belcher’s ECOFLAM project.

Their collaboration seeks to explore the artistic response to the wildFIRE lab’s exploration of wildfires.

Foundation Series

Charlotte’s art is inspired by landscape, nature and the effects that the landscape has on today’s environment. She creates both abstract and literal artworks in the form of prints and paintings that challenge the viewer to think about is being painted and the tactile nature of the painting process.

Burnt Area has explored working directly with materials generated by fire shown in the Charring and Mountain Cap Series and has played with insights of scale and the balance of positive and negative aspects of wildfires as explored in the Foundation Series.

For more about Burnt Area as the project evolves and to look out for future exciting news of the exhibition that will result see the full project website.